How To Be A Good Teacher?

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When it comes to teaching, we have to discuss the question of teachers. What kind of teacher is a good teacher? It’s a difficult question to answer. However, everyone has their own answer. For me, I believe that a good teacher is one who needs to care about teaching and what lies beyond it. In other words, if a teacher focuses only on teaching, he or she will lose other important things about teaching, such as the needs of students outside the classroom. In this regard, we are dealing with humans as complex creatures. If we think that knowledge is the only goal, then it is not enough, because behind it some other measure is the more important basis for academic success. When we teach, we also need to know how to help our students overcome life’s difficulties and obstacles. You may disagree with me and say that this is the student’s business and not the teacher’s job. But that’s the root cause of teaching failure. When a student gets a good GPA, it doesn’t mean that they have accomplished true academic success, because success isn’t just about GPA, it’s also about things like ethics, social responsibility, mental health, and more. These benchmarks are all part of the mission of our education system. We need to treat our students as a whole, and then we can make them healthy, responsible individuals who can fully contribute to society.

What makes a good teacher great? | Azul Terronez | TEDxSantoDomingo

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  1. It’s not easy to be a good teacher, but it’s not very difficult on some level either. Teaching is indeed complicated to say the least, but it is also very simple to say the least. I say this because teaching is fun and simple when you truly love it and try to find the best way to teach your students. If, on the other hand, we teach for the sake of teaching, we lose a lot of the fun and, therefore, we are hardly good teachers.

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