Ways to Become a Successful Mentor

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How do you become a good mentor? This is an issue that desperately needs to be discussed. When we are schooled, we begin to have mentors. We may not want to call it a mentor, but it is a mentor. There is a difference between a teacher and a mentor. Compared to a teacher, a mentor’s role is more diverse and includes not only imparting knowledge, but also a kind of academic advancement and enlightenment in the spiritual world. Even before being a student, our parents were our mentors. So we need to understand “mentor” in a broad sense. So how do we become a good mentor? How to be a successful mentor is essentially similar to how to be a good person. If we are a good person with a conscience and know how to treat ourselves and others well, then we can be a good mentor because, that is the important foundation. Be a good person first, then you can be a good mentor. In addition, to be a good mentor you also need to be trained in education.

Some people believe that mentors are Engineers of the Soul. I agree with this view. However, a mentor is also a good friend. If we ignore the multiple roles of a mentor, we will lose a lot of valuable things. Specifically, I would like to discuss mentoring at the graduate level and how to be a successful graduate mentor. There is a polymorphism in the mentor-student relationship in different countries based on cultural differences. In Europe and America, the mentor-student relationship is relatively more egalitarian, while in Asian countries the mentor-student relationship is more hierarchical. Therefore, what is formed based on the differences in mentor-student relationships is the difference in the mentorship system and the qualitative differences in academic output. In my view, the mentorship system should transcend national and cultural boundaries and become a universal standard. Because regardless of race, nationality, culture, or language, the common denominator for graduate student mentors is how to develop students who are both academically and intellectually gifted and have the ability to think independently and creatively. We cannot allow cultural differences and political systems to obscure the commonality of mentorship. We need to think deeply about this. Translated with

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  1. Mentorship is very important for students, not only for graduate students but also for undergraduates. Although there are some differences between the two, I believe that there are the same traits and requirements to be a qualified and excellent mentor. In my career as a student, I have had both good and bad teachers. The common characteristic of good teachers is that they think from the student’s perspective. I wish teachers would really think from our point of view and customize their teaching.

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