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Welcome to PEDAGOGISM!

At present, we have discussions about teaching methods and education, but these discussions are limited to a small group. Therefore, we lack a platform for all educators, students, parents and general public to share their experiences, knowledge and concerns on education.

https://www.pedagogism.com/ is an educational social networking website that provides a platform for educators, students, parents and the general public to discuss issues related to education and pedagogy. At the same time, this website also serves as a platform for academic discussion and article publication. It aims to promote overall educational success for all and serve the public interests as well as the development of academic research.

Education is an interlocking system, and problems in any one part of the system will affect the performance of the other parts. The forums on this website cover all stages of education, from pre-school to higher education. In addition, different types of education are included, such as Online Education” Forums, “Education During COVID-19 Pandemic” Forums, “Happiness Education” Forums, “Education For Sustainable Development” Forums, “Indigenous Education” Forums, “Open Educational Resources (OER)” Forums, “Teacher’s Life” Forums,“Students” Forums, “Special Education” Forums, “Parenting Education” Forums, etc. Only when every stage or type of education is successful can it be considered as the success of overall education.

With everyone’s efforts and participation, “Overall Education Success” and “Academic Development” will be achieved.

Media Coverage

Expert Consultants

  • Professor Dr. Richard Andrews

    University of Edinburgh

  • Professor Dr. Sedigheh Abbasnasab Sardareh

    The University of Auckland

  • Emeritus Professor Dr. James Craven

    Clark College

  • Professor Dr. Jite Eferakorho

    The University of Edinburgh

  • Professor Dr. Katie Fitzpatrick

    University of Auckland

  • Professor Dr. Karin Frey

    University of Washington

  • Professor Dr. Danling Fu

    University of Florida

  • Professor. Dr. Roxanne Hudson

    University of Washington

  • Professor Dr. Kumar Laxman

    The University of Auckland

  • Professor Dr. Lynn McNair OBE

    University of Edinburgh

  • Dr Diana Mazgutova

    University of Leeds

  • Dr Nataša Pantić

    University of Edinburgh

  • Dr. Evans Peter

    University of Edinburgh

  • Professor Dr. Rille Raaper

    Durham University

  • Dr. Irene Sotiropoulou

    University of Hull

  • Dr. John Studley

    Independent Scholar

  • Professor Dr. Andrew Townsend

    The University of Nottingham

Aims and Features


(1) To provide a platform for teachers, students, parents and the public to exchange educational ideas.

(2) To promote the improvement, perfection and development of different types and stages of education through discussion.

(3) To provide a platform for discussion of correct outlooks on life, values and morals in pre-school, primary school, middle school, high school and university education so that students can grow in a well-rounded and healthy manner.

(4) To provide a platform for teachers to discuss teaching methods, the use of teaching materials and various problems encountered in work and life.

(5) To provide a discussion platform for educational experts.

(6) To provide a platform for students at different stages of education to provide feedback and evaluation of teaching, to discuss learning methods, and to share student life.

(7) To provide a platform for parents to participate in educational exchanges.

(8) Provide a platform for the public to participate in educational discussions.

(9) To provide a platform for free article publication

(10) Provide a platform for academic exchange.


(1) Scientific and practical relevance

(2) Broad coverage, involving a wide range of people and topics. It’s a global educational platform

(3) Educational social networking website


The mission of this website is to promote overall education success,  academic development, knowledge sharing, happy education, educational equality, and creative thinking

Overall Education Success

Academic Development

knowledge Sharing

Happy Education

Educational Equality

Creative Thinking



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This is a platform for all educators, students, parents and general public to share their experiences on education. We believe that the sharing of knowledge and experience can be realized in the interaction so as to realize the equality, humanization, success and happiness of education. We need your participation and sharing, because education is a public undertaking for every individual.

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General Public

Welcome Everyone Caring for Education

We welcome anyone who cares about education to join our community and share your experience and any knowledge related to education.

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