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In my opinion, I believe that the best way to teach is the one that works best for teachers themselves. If we search for related topics on the internet, then, immediately a lot of information pops up. However, we have to be careful with this information. I am not saying that they are false information, but I am saying that we need to check ourselves before accepting any new ideas, because we are the only ones who know ourselves best. Especially in our current society, where we are in the midst of an information explosion, it’s hard to slow down and take a moment to think deeply about ourselves and the teaching methods that work best for us. The notion that more is better is dominating our lives from many angles. How we be ourselves is the key to successful teaching. But that doesn’t mean we don’t need to learn; rather, we need to learn effectively based on a constant review of our teaching methods. In other words, we need to know more about ourselves before we embrace any technique. Many studies have found that most people don’t know themselves very well and there is an assumption about self-perception. In this world of temptation, it’s time to settle down and get to know who you are. There is too much temptation in our present moment to constantly lose ourselves in this temptation. It is difficult to find a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching methods. It is up to the teacher to constantly find a teaching method that works for him or her, based on an examination of the self. In any case, our teaching needs to be based on a good understanding of the needs of our students. Each student is an individual, with his or her own preferences. It is difficult to be a teacher that everyone likes, but it is also undesirable to be absorbed in our own world of teaching without knowing our students well. This requires a balance in our teaching. In other words, teaching itself requires a constant search for a balance between students and teachers. Maintaining a balance is crucial in many aspects of life. The concept of balance in teaching is very important to the success of teaching. Let’s work together to explore and share what works best for us in our own teaching lives.

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  1. I very much agree that the best way to teach is the one that works best for you. The answers to the problems we are trying to solve in many cases are actually all around us. The question is also similar to when you ask what is the best dress to wear? I believe that the clothes that fit you best are the clothes that look best on you. There is no one answer, and individuality and diversity are vital to education. We need to work through this to discover good teaching methods.

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