Every Teacher Needs to Be Concerned About the Mental Health of Their Students

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As a student, I know that the mental health of students is a major issue. Although most schools have counseling, I don’t think it’s enough to solve all the problems. Not only are students able to get treatment at the health center, but they are able to get help from all teachers. It seems impossible for students to get counseling and therapy from all teachers because many of them are not experts in counseling. However, I am not asking all teachers to provide professional treatment for students, but rather I want every teacher to care about the student’s psychological condition in addition to their academic performance. In my opinion, the most effective psychotherapy comes not from professional resources, but from daily attention. The reality is that, as it stands, many students worry about communicating their psychological problems to their teachers because of many concerns. In my opinion, all teachers should receive training on their ability to communicate with students, especially with regard to their knowledge of counseling. They do not need to be counseling professionals, but rather be able to master basic communication skills and abilities that are essential to a student’s overall development. A student’s poor academic performance does not mean that he or she lacks the ability to learn or is lazy, but rather that he or she is suffering from external stresses and burdens caused by many existing problems, including psychological ones. This is a global problem and we as students really want to be perceived as a whole.

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  1. This is a great topic and a very urgent need to address. In essence, students’ mental health issues have been a major deterrent to their academic performance since before COVID-19. Although, many schools are trying to address this issue, we still have a lot to think about. Especially in the present day, this situation has become more complex and difficult. I feel that not only schools but society as a whole needs to join the movement to help students with their psychological issues. If this problem is not addressed, the development of education will suffer.

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