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  • Nolan

    2020-08-05 at 3:32 PM

    I believe that one of the true meanings of ICCAs is to fill the gaps in our current understanding of indigenous peoples, and to protect our world as a whole. Although the indigenous people are far away from us, we are all human beings who live on this planet and need to protect Mother Nature together. The whole ecology is an interconnected system, and any part of it that goes wrong will cause irreparable damage to the “global village”. I read something about indigenous languages and the fact that many indigenous languages disappear from the earth every year. It’s not only the disappearance of languages but also a cultural extinction. While I am saddened by this, I am also thinking about how we can better understand indigenous peoples’ culture and nature. In fact, culture and nature are closely intertwined as a whole. ICCAs are doing something that is good for both Indigenous people and humans.

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