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  • William

    2020-07-26 at 5:45 PM

    I’ve been using free educational resources for some years now, and I’d like to share my experiences and insights here. First, free educational resources are a blessing for students because they can greatly reduce their financial burden. Second, in fact, we have a misunderstanding about free educational resources, and will think that there is no free lunch, and everything that is free is bad. This is a complete misconception. By using these educational resources, I have found that their quality is still very high, even surpassing that of commercial materials. This is because anyone who is willing to make their educational resources freely available to the public is someone who has put a lot of effort into their writing. Third, writing for free educational resources should get some funding. The teaching materials are free, but the writer has invested a lot of time and effort, which is a purely voluntary effort. However, if there is a material incentive to do so, I think free educational resources will become more and more available.

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